Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is the legal phrase used to describe the killing of another person, be it through negligent, reckless, or intentional conduct. This includes deaths that result from traumatic motor vehicle accidents, workplace incidents, or even medical malpractice. In most wrongful death claims, the at-fault party will refuse to accept their responsibility for the death. They often even try to blame the deceased as being responsible for their own death. As a result, insurance carriers or companies will go to great ends to deny payment or reduce the value of such claims.

Our office has extensive experience litigating all different varieties of wrongful death claims. In 2022, we even secured a jury verdict of $150 million for the wrongful death of a power plant employee who was killed in a tragic explosion. If a close loved one has been the victim of a fatal accident, you need to have experienced representatives on your side to make sure that you are receiving every aspect of compensation that you are entitled to.

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