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Sustaining an injury while you are at work can be an incredibly troubling and unfortunate event. You might have many questions and concerns. What are my rights? Where can I receive medical treatment? How will I afford to support myself if I cannot return to work right away? Many people have heard of “workers compensation,” but unless you have had prior experience in the system, you will likely have no idea what the answers to most of these questions are. Unfortunately, employers and insurance carriers in California will often use your lack of experience against you.

Do not make the mistake of believing that an employer or their insurer will be transparent with you about your rights or that they will honor their promises to “take care of you.” At Sullivan, Rivera, Osuna & Sullivan, we have decades of experience against large and small employers and their insurance carriers all around California. We will ensure that you receive every benefit you are entitled to, and we will not allow the insurance company to cut corners on your case. We will ensure that you receive medical treatment, disability benefits, and a complete evaluation of your injuries so that you are fully compensated for any permanent effects there may be. In that way, we set you up for success, be it returning to the same job or transitioning to a new role to accommodate the effects of your injuries.


With more than 60 years of combined experience helping people with work-related injuries get the benefits they’re entitled to, we know the system inside and out — the rules, which levers to push, when to push them and more. We won’t just file your initial claim and then forget about you either. We go to great lengths to make sure our clients understand their rights and the claims process, and to keep them informed and involved from start to finish.



I was injured at work, but is it worth filing a claim?

Being injured at work can prove to be an extremely trying event, especially when the injury results in time off work. Too often employers dismiss injuries reported by employees and fail to meet their obligations under the law. It is imperative, however, that employees know that they are afforded certain protections and that all employers must carry workers compensation insurance under California law.

What and Who is covered under Worker’s Compensation Law?

Workers compensation insurance covers any employee injured while working, regardless of the manner in which the employee is injured. Please note, an injured employee must report his/her injury to their employer within thirty (30) days and he/she must file a formal workers compensation claim with the California Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) within one (1) year from the date of injury. It is critical that employees do not wait to report injuries sustained at work!

What benefits is an injured worker entitled to under Worker’s Compensation?

If an employee is injured while carrying out his/her employment duties, then the employee is entitled to have the employer’s insurance carrier provide the following: medical treatment (present and future); two-thirds of the employee’s normal wages, if the employee is taken off work by the acting medical provider; and compensation commensurate to the permanent disability rating determined by the medical provider.

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